Leading the way in cleaning innovation and sanitation

DP Cleaning Supplies stocks a huge range of cleaning products and equipment to help you fulfil your sanitisation requirements.


DP Cleaning's product range includes everything you need for your cleaning requirements, from odour control, polishers, detergents and mops to spray bottles, buckets, mats and more.

We stock:

  • Medical disinfectants, suitable for hospitals, surgeries and GP practices
  • Institutional cleaners aimed at providing a safe workplace and environment for teachers, students, carers and children and the elderly when used in schools, childcare and aged-care facilities
  • Chemical solutions and equipment indicative to hospitality requirements, such as cleaning and degreasing, as well as chemicals to clean plant, rollers and crate
  • Industrial machinery such as high pressure cleaners, wet and dry vacuums, steam stations, polisher/scrubbers and more
  • Sponges, scourers, rubber gloves, vinyl gloves, latex gloves and nitrile gloves, hand towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, plastic bottles, caps and sprayers
We also source special orders as required, including mango wash for fruit through our orchard farming associations.

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Daves Mango Wash Compound

Daves Mango Wash Compound:
  • 100% water soluble( product contains no fillers)
  • Suitable for Harvest aid machine
  • 1.5kg- 2 kg per 1000lt water
  • Controls ooze sap
  • Rust inhibitor built in to product
  • User friendly

Top Brands

We sell an extensive range of quality cleaning brands and products, including:

  • 100% Australian Lubrimaxx oils and greases
  • Wicked Car Care products for auto and truck care
  • With more than 70 years' experience in cleaning, Momar provides septic bacteria and drain cleaners, as well as odour control
  • Quality Vikan brushware and cleaning accessories
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners from Kerrick, established in Australia in 1972 and New Zealand in 1937
  • Hako sweepers, scrubbers and commercial cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning products from Oates and Sabco, such as janitors carts, metal buckets, plastic buckets, mops and industrial brooms
  • True Blue Chemicals for carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing and light degreasing
  • Chemicals and accelerators from Whiteley Corporation, which is committed to product research and development in the field of chemical cleaning, including non-hazardous and rapidly biodegradable EarthSmart detergents, bathroom, window and glass cleaners
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Bathroom Products

A clean bathroom is paramount when operating a business, workshop or any other kind of public facility. Heavy traffic areas are particularly prone to germs and bacteria. DP Cleaning stocks a complete range of bathroom cleaning products, such as acid cleaners, glass cleaners, disinfectants, toilet bowl cleaners, high foaming detergents to break down soap scum and body fats and loads more.


We have plenty of floor polish, which is Australian-made particularly for the Australian climate. We also have a quality range of hard floor sealers. These products are designed for sealing and protecting a wide variety of floor types including vinyl, terrazzo, slate, timber, bamboo, marble, granite and stone. Carpet Care, Odour Control & Disinfectants Our carpet cleaning products are unmatched in quality and reliability. We also stock items ideally used in the food plant and white room environments. Reduce bacteria and increase sanitisation by combining the appropriate products. The Whiteley Corporation has a strong medical foundation, so it is aware of the strict guidelines that govern these food plant-related environments therefore, we use and recommend Whiteley products for a thorough clean.


DP Cleaning Supplies has a large quality range of cleaning and disinfecting products for hospital use. These products cover areas such as theatre, endoscopy, central sterilising services, day surgery and domestic services. The products vary from instrument-grade disinfectants, surface disinfectants, enzymatic detergents, neutral detergents and hospital-grade bathroom cleaning agents.


Our comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals for the hospital environment covers all aspects of infection control. Using world-standard chemicals, DP Cleaning has available every chemical that the domestic services staff would use to maintain the high standards set in Australian hospitals and medical institutions.


DP Cleaning stock has a full range of CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department) products. These include enzyme detergents, alkaline detergents, rinse aids, powder detergents, descalers, acid brighteners and much more.


DP Cleaning Supplies offers Bactex CF:
  • A proven sanitiser used to protect banana crops from Panama disease
  • Removes soil and other contamination from vehicles & equipment
  • Safe on most surfaces including all metal types, stainless steel, plastics & glass
  • Diluted solution should be sprayed onto surface for a contact time of at least 10 mins