Cleaning made easy

DP Cleaning supplies bulk cleaning solutions and chemicals, with clearly outlined correct container and safety considerations, as well as OHS and safety training for cleaning businesses.

OHS Training


DP Cleaning provides chemical delivery from knowledgeable representatives, chemical training for staff, all MSDS (material safety data sheets) requirements and fully automated dispensing systems.

We have access to a huge network of experts in the chemical industry, which we call upon as required. Our sales team are available to assess your business or farm and relate the necessary advice and product information to help you find the right solution for your individual requirements.

DP Cleaning Supplies can help you to increase your Workplace Health And Safety standards by providing appropriate training. We can bring your establishment up to standard by offering advice for Freshcare audits within hospitality environments. In addition we provide MSDS and other appropriate documents to comply with audits.
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During the past five years, the success of our business has been based on three key areas of focus:

  • Meeting the needs of our customers
  • Always being a leader in quality
  • Constantly providing value through innovative products

Representatives of DP Cleaning are available to provide advice on our products and their applications and practices for safe use and disposal. Safety on the job and environmentally responsible disposal is integral to our service commitment.

Our services are especially useful in medical facilities whereby the height of sanitisation requirements far exceeds other sites. All DP Cleaning Supplies' products are clearly labelled to indicate hazard levels. We provide comprehensive, clear and accurate MSDS, technical bulletins and wall charts to help you stay safe at work. See us for the best in value, innovation and environmentally responsible cleaning and sanitisation products.
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Cleaning Made Easy


DP Cleaning supplies bulk solutions and chemicals, with easy to follow product information to assist users, clearly displayed correct container and safety considerations as well as colour coded labels for detergents, labels and spray bottles.

A comprehensive colour-coded wall chart contains all the pertinent cleaning and safety information. Spray bottles are screen printed to avoid deterioration of important cleaning and safety information.

Simple images of a mop and bucket or spray bottle on each label clearly designates its intended application technique so you know which container to place the solution into.
Relevant safety information is contained on each label. All labels clearly show the type of product and its intended cleaning application.

The comprehensive colour-coded range of products covers every common cleaning task in modern sanitisation practices. Each product is specifically designed for multipurpose applications, reducing the need for large chemical inventories and therefore streamlining staff training processes.
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